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ABC-Clio (Social Studies)

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Unified search platform for all 12 ABC-Clio databases including: American Government, American History, Health and Wellness Issues, Pop Culture Universe, the African American Experience, the American Indian Experience, the Latino American Experien

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African American Heritage

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A groundbreaking digital resource exclusively devoted to African American family history research.

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American Mosaic: The African American Experience (ABC-Clio)

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The African American Experience: The American Mosaic provides a comprehensive survey of African American history and its heartbreaking struggles, major movements—political, social, artistic, and literary—and most notable events and legisl

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American Mosaic: The American Indian Experience (ABC-Clio)

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The American Indian Experience: The American Mosaic illuminates the historical and contemporary practices and tribulations of more than 150 Native American tribes from all regions of North America.

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American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience (ABC-Clio)

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The Latino American Experience: The American Mosaic defines this national identity as it embraces the heritage and culture of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, Cubans, Dominicans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, and other Latino peoples in t

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Bartleby Reference Site

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Resource texts for language and grammar.

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Infobase-Science Online

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Provides expertly researched content on core science subjects and in-depth overview essays on key science topic. Includes more than 1600 resources including images, videos, experiments and self-paced learning objects.

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Infobase-Today's Science

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Includes thousands of original articles written by scientists covering important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology.

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Research It

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Quick access to some of the best tools the Internet has to offer.

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World Book Kids

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General reference tool for young students with easy-to-read articles, thousands of illustrations, videos, comparison tools, and a wealth of engaging games and activities, including an atlas, interactive maps, flags, and over 200 game and activitie

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World Book Online

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Portal to World Book products available through the Traveler program.

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World Book Student

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A research tool tailored for students in elementary & middle schools with over 40,000 encyclopedia and reference articles, 10,000 biographies, multimedia, videos, animations and student activities.

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