Reserve a Room

Meeting Room Requests

The Southeast Arkansas Regional Library System allows outside groups to book our meeting rooms when they are not being used by the library.  This service is not available at all branch locations. After completing a request form, our staff will review your request and contact you about its status.

Our Rooms Can be Reserved for…

  • Programs
  • Meetings & seminars
  • Study groups
  • Planning sessions
  • Training programs

Our Rooms Cannot be Reserved for…

  • Political activities
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Social events
  • Illegal activities
  • Profit-making purposes (including collecting admission fees, selling goods or services, soliciting donations or sales, or signing contracts)

Policies & Fees

Meeting Room Use Policy

  • The Library shall not discriminate in granting permission for the use of Meeting Rooms on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, national origin or disability. 
  • In allowing a group to use a Meeting Room, the Library does not imply any endorsement of the group's beliefs, policies, practices or program.
  • In the event of a cancellation, please contact the library as soon as possible. Failure to report cancellations may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

Room Fees

Meeting Rooms A, B, and A/B (combined room without divider) at Monticello Branch Library do require a rental fee of $20 per use. Fees must be paid before the meeting.

Other branch meeting rooms are available free of charge.

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Study Room Reservations

Study rooms are also available to reserve at some locations. These smaller rooms follow the same usage guidelines as our meeting rooms.