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4.6 Wi-Fi Use Policy

The Southeast Arkansas Regional Library is pleased to provide free wireless connection to the internet for patrons with their own devices. Patrons who utilize this service are responsible for reading and complying with the Internet Use Policy of the Library.

Wireless Internet Use Policy

The Library does not restrict access to the Internet and cannot protect users from objectionable material. However, the Library, must enforce local and state laws regarding the Public Display of Obscene Material (Arkansas Code 5-68-205) and Protection against Material “Harmful to Minors” (Act 912, Act 1533 and Arkansas Code 5-68-501).

  • The Library cannot control the content or quality of information found on the Internet. Not all resources provide accurate, complete or current information. Users are expected to question the validity and quality of what they find.
  • The Branch Manager is required to monitor the computers for violations of the above policies and laws. Persons found to be in violation or to be misusing or abusing the computers will be restricted from ALL Library use for the time specified.
    • First Offense: One Week
    • Second Offense: One Month
    • Third Offense: Banned from the Library

Application to the Regional Director must be made for reinstatement.

The Branch Manager will be responsible for keeping a record of offenses and for notifying the Director on the third offense. Users are also responsible for knowing how to connect their device to a wireless network.

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