Arkansas Muralist Completes Library Themed Mural

Image of Erin Ashcraft, Arkansas Muralist


Erin Ashcraft (born and raised in Monticello and now living in Rogers, Arkansas) is a painter, a muralist, and a lifelong native of Arkansas. She often draws inspiration from being immersed in the outdoors, from hiking in the Ozarks to reminiscing about her childhood growing up in the timberlands of the Delta. Erin studied Studio Art and Intercultural Studies at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO. This is where she unexpectedly discovered her love for the visual arts and also found herself involved in mural work through the university. Her work is often described as expressionistic in style, often playing with bright and vibrant colors to create a sense of nostalgia. Using color, Erin portrays the natural world in a way that feels like romanticized childhood memories. In her short time as an artist, she has become passionate about bringing life and color into her community.


Image of mural at Monticello Branch Library